Sunday, March 23, 2014

Top 10 McFly songs

1. Shine A Light
2. Not Alone
3. Too Close For Comfort
4. Lies
5. Star Girl
6. Five Colours In Her Hair
7. Party Girl
8. Please, Please
9. Do Watcha
10. That's The Truth

Not Alone (acoustic) - Live in London 2006.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Envy - Conception & Deception

I have to mention The Envy again. I recommend everyone to give this great band a listen! They are not on Spotify, so you will need to find them on iTunes Store or Youtube. These are the groups two EP's, with only good songs on them. Modern sound - sort of a mix between U2 and Coldplay but with heavier guitars!

1. Music To My Ears
2. Midnight Messiah
3. Bleach
4. Food For Worms
5. You're The Sex
6. Skin On Skin

1. Label Whore
2. Bones
3. Moth To The Flame
4. Cold
5. Unfaithful

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Swedish Idol delivers the goods

Here I Am Now - Petri Vehvilainen (best idol audition ever)

Black Jesus - Jay Smith 

Like A Prayer - Jay Smith

18 And Life - Erik Gronwall

Run To The Hills - Erik Gronwall

Lies Beyond - Mariette Hansson

Faithful Disgrace - Alexander Eriksson

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The best talent show auditions ever

The talent shows that our TV's have been flooded with over the past decade usually has one purpose: to create a new pop star. With varying results. Of course, we hate popstars made for the big record companies' market plans. Nothing real about them. BUT! In these talent shows there actually appear some gems from time to time and I have tried to collect a few of them here.
The demands to get on this list, however, is tough. No goosebumps = no place on the list!

Sex on Fire - Jamie Archer (X Factor UK, 2009)

Anthem - Jai McDowall (Britain's Got Talent, 2011)

Nessum Dorma - Paul Potts (Britain's Got Talent, 2007)

Amazing Grace - Jotta A (Brazilians Got Talent, 2011)

Your Song - Janet Devlin (X Factor UK, 2011)

And of course, the most famous of them all: 
I Dreamed A Drem - Susan Boyle (Britain's Got Talent, 2009)

Music of the week (10)

I Shall Be Released - Bob Dylan

Gravity - Soul Asylum

Emergency - The Treatment

City of Angels - Thirty Seconds To Mars

Keep Together - Hunter Hunted

Gun - Chvrches

The King and All of His Men - Wolf Gang