Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sister Hazel - Hold On

Great song I've been listening to this week driving home from work. Chill out, melody, acoustic, sing-a-long. It's got it all…

Band's called Sister Hazel, an american pop/rock/country band. A couple of great songs worth mentioning is Your Mistake, Where Do You Go, Your Winter and Stay Awhile.

Hold On is taken from the live album Before the Amplifiers. All acoustic set with some of their best material. Most of the songs are way better than the studio version. Like this one...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sabaton - Carolus Rex

Swedish heavy metal band Sabaton released the album Carolus Rex earlier this year. The band was so happy with the material they decided to release two versions of the record - one with english lyrics and one with swedish lyrics.

The album is a concept album about the 'War of 30 Years' in the 18th century. The band hired a history expert to get the facts for the lyrics right. The result? One of their best albums to date.

The best song: A Lifetime Of War / En Livstid I Krig
I prefer the swedish version because the lyrics makes more sense for me, being swedish and all… The song is actually a very sad song about leaving your family to go to war, not knowing if you are going to return or not.

Swedish lyrics.

English lyrics.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

New Matchbox 20 single and album

On Tuesday Matchbox 20 will release a new album. One of my favorite bands when it comes to "chill out" music. A lot of feelgood in the music, talented songwriting and it works with the ladies!

Rob Thomas is the main man of the band, he does most of the songwriting, arranging etc. Talented guy! New album is called North and the first single off the album is She's So Mean. 

A cool song, catchy riff and a chorus that sticks with you. Nice drums and guitar. Singing is great as usual and lyrics from an entirely different league than what you get on popular radio these days (Call me maybe, anyone??)

Be sure to check out Matchbox 20 and their VH1 Storytellers episode on Youtube. Great stories and the live music is just fantastic.

Look out for the following songs: Bent / 3 AM / Unwell / Push / If You're Gone / Could I Be You /